PARIKRMA HUMANITY FOUNDATION (PHF) is a K12 mainstream English-medium school started in the year 2003 with 165 children from marginalized families, huddled together on a small roof-top in a school in Rajendranagar, Bengaluru. Today, with four schools (Jayanagar, Koramangala, Sahakara Nagar, Nandhini Layout) and one junior college, PHF continues to offer high quality education, hope and support to 2000+ children from four orphanages and over 100 slums in the city.

Shukla Bose, Founder and CEO of PHF, and her band of senior teachers have associated with Sukrut since the inception of PHF, especially the completion of internship at Sukrut’s Inward Change Conference (ICC), the Group Relations Conference, and the School Psychology course. Sukrut continues to conduct several bespoke programs for both adolescent students and teachers in Parikrma.


SATHYASREE GOSWAMI is currently pursuing PhD from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is a development practitioner and a psychotherapist, specializing in sexuality and healing through creative arts. She has worked in several States of India, engaging with young individuals, sexuality counseling, children with disabilities, female sex-workers, and persons with alternate sexualities (LGBTIQ). She completed the internship in Sukrut’s ICC in 2005, and has been Facilitator at many ICCs and GRCs in India. She attended the inaugural The India Conference 2015, as well as the Leicester Conference in 2016. She has also co-authored several papers with professionals at Sukrut, and continues to be associated as Facilitator / Faculty / Associate Director in major programs conducted by Sukrut.


YUVA MITRA (YM) is a social development organization working for rural development in Maharashtra and Punjab since last 18+ years. YM works with a large number of target groups including women, youth, farmers and children focusing on Water Resource Development, Agriculture & Livelihood Development, Institution Building, Skill-development, and Health & Malnutrition through people’s participation. Sunil Pote, Founder and Chairman of YM, completed Sukrut’s internship in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in 2004, and has been associated as Director and Facilitator in Sukrut’s Inward Change Conference (ICC) for several years. Many of YMs staff have also completed the internship of ICC and continue to use the training for higher effectiveness in social development.


UNLEASH SCHOOLS (US) is a startup, founded by Gracy Jebastina and Swetha Rao, to provide psychological services to the education sector in India. US has provided a basket of services, to both students and teachers, in schools such as Oasis International, Innisfree, KALS Coorg, Lycee Kolkata, Purna Pragya. US and its band of Psychologists have been committed to Parikrma and provide a comprehensive basket of psychological services in all spheres of its educational activities.


ARUNITA BISWAS was Consulting Psychologist with Sukrut for a few years. She holds a Post-graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore and has several years of experience in the clinical field. She is currently in-practice at Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore. She completed the internship in Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy in 2011, from Sukrut’s Inward Change Conference (ICC). She has also attended the inaugural The India Conference in 2015, and has been Staff in Group Relations Conferences in India. She co-authored and presented a paper “The Confusion of Tongues between the East and the West – The Need for a New Language”, in 2012 at BELGIRATE, Italy.


UDAY MAZGAONKAR has worked independently since 2009 in the field of Applied Behavioral Science and Outdoor Development programs for the educational and industrial sectors. He offers a unique blend of experiential activities designed to further developmental objectives in a way that maximizes crystallization and articulation of learning. He also puts to use his 34+ years in Himalayan mountaineering and rock-climbing. Since 1998, he has been actively involved in the study and application of Behavioral Sciences, as an Institutional Member and Program Director for three Summer events of Aastha Foundation for Human Learning & Growth. He has also been a Staff in several Group Relations Conferences offered for the oil industry, in addition to having been a Conference Administrator and Staff in TIC 15, TIC 17 and INSEAD – ILPSIE 2015. He is an accredited MBTI practitioner and BEI interviewer / assessor. He is associated as a Facilitator / Faculty in major programs conducted by Sukrut.


ANURADHA PALIT was Clinical Psychologist with Sukrut for a little over a year. She holds a Post-graduate degree in Psychology from University of Calcutta, as well as an MPhil in Clinical Psychology from Institute of Psychiatry, Centre of Excellence, Kolkata. She is an RCI-certified licensed Clinical Psychologist, and has worked in Government hospitals in Kolkata, providing a wide range of psychological services.


RADHIKA BALIGA was Counselling Psychologist with Sukrut for few years. She holds a Post-graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from Indira Gandhi National Open University, as well as a Post-graduate Diploma in Management from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune, and has experience in CBT and psychotherapy. She completed the internship in Sukrut’s Inward Change Conference in 2017, and has been Co-Facilitating programs since then. She also completed the Practitioners Certificate in Psychosocial Intervention for Consulting and Change (PCPICC) course, conducted by Sukrut in collaboration with Tavistock UK. She also holds close to 7+ years of industry experience in Information Technology.