Sukrut has been offering an International Conference of

Psychologists every year since 2013. The 6th. event in January 2018, in association with Christ University, was “Building Walls: from Neurosis to Psychosis”. The earlier five addressed “Adolescence: Scrabble of Life”, “Applications in Psychotherapy”, “Who Am I? Conflicts of Gender and Culture Constructs in Our Interwoven Identities – A Global View”, “Intimacy and Sexuality: Perspectives from Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy”, and “Workshop on Identity and Authority”.

Psychologists from Sukrut have presented papers at both national and international conferences, the ones organized by OPUS ( and at Belgirate IV, the last one at OPUS 2018 on “Sex, Power and Money at a Crossroads in India”. At OPUS 2017, Sukrut presented two papers — G stands for Greed: Psychoanalytic Perspectives of a Fallen Hero” and “Does Sturm und Drang unleash the Self?” The papers are an illustration of the successful experiments that Psychologists in Sukrut are doing to construct meaningful interventions in the marketplace of Indian education, industry, and society.

A psychoanalytically informed paper “Organizing Reflexivity: The Case of Coaching in Management Education at a conference of European b-schools at St Gallen University, Switzerland, in September 2019.

Wiley Online published another psychoanalytically informed paper “Public Leadership in a Public Sector”, in May 2020