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Sukrut in Sanskrit stands for Su, meaning good and krut meaning an act. Started in 2008 by a group of professionals, Sukrut is a psychotherapy centre in Bangalore, India and has grown to become a leading provider of psychological services to hospitals and in education — students, adolescents, teachers / educationists, academic administrators – as well as social-workers, executives, and stressed individuals from all walks of life.

In 2018, Sukrut hived off its services to the education sector by creating Unleash Schools, with focus on the full range of psychological services for schools.


Our Organization is built on certain essentials that form our foundation.

  • We emphasise on the practice of professional ethics and transparency
  • Embracing individuality and diversity in all its dimensions by treating all with respect, dignity and understanding.
  • We consider continuous professional and personal development as two sides of the same coin.

Gracy Jebastina completed the interships with ICC in 2014 and has been facilitating Sukrut events since then; she is an Associate of Sukrut and is currently Director of ICC. She attended TIC 2015 and has been Staff at GRCs conducted by Sukrut, especially the ones offered at IIM Udaipur as part of the Sukrut team. She was Co-Staff in the first-ever Training Group at TIC 2019. She holds a Master’s in Psychological Counselling from Christ University, Bangalore with expertise in Family and Marital Therapy. Her interests include Group therapy, Life-skill training: train the trainer, and delivering life-skill sessions. She also provides therapy to adolescents with behavioural, emotional, and interpersonal issues.        Gracy co-authored the following papers:

  1. “Enabling Critical thinking with Panchatantra: A Qualitative study” presented at the 3rd International Conference on “Life skills Education” in RGNIYD, in Chennai in 2011,
  2.  “The Impact of need-based Life-skills Intervention for Skill development and Self Esteem among adolescents of marginal groups” presented at JLU International Conference on “Mainstreaming Life Skills Education for Nation Building”, in Bhopal in 2016,
  3. “Does Strum and Drang Unleash the Self”, at OPUS 2017, in London UK, and
  4. “Sex, Power and Money in the Age of Uncertainty”, OPUS 2018, in London UK.

Gracy is also Co-Founder and Director, Unleash Schools. US works with education systems, and is closely involved with Parikrma Humanity Foundation in their Educational Transformational Centre committed to sensitize government teachers and empower them to foster sensitivity towards oneself and others.

Gracy lives in Bangalore and can be reached at and +91 9844878236.

Sunil Pote completed the ICC internships in 2008, is an Associate of Sukrut, and has been a Facilitator and Programme Director of many Sukrut events. He holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and worked in industry for 6+ years and in education for 3+ years, before founding Yuva Mitra (YM) in 1995, an NGO, where he is currently Executive Director. YM is located at Harsule, Sinnar Taluka, Maharashtra and has significant presence in rural development, particularly in the start-up of sustainable, community-based institutions and FPOs. Sunil was Independent Director with Nabkisan Finance Ltd., a subsidiary of NABARD, for five years. He received the prestigious Vasundhara Mitra award, established by Club Mahindra, and was recipient of Youth Icon in 2014 and Jalyodha award in 2016, both established by Sakal Group.

Sunil lives in Harsule and can be reached at and +91 9422942799. You can visit to know more about Sunil and YMs multiple interventions in rural India.

Uday Mazgaonkar completed two internships with ICC in 2015, after completing the professional internships with Aastha Foundation in 2004, and is an Associate of Sukrut. He also completed Sukrut’s course Practitioner Certificate in Psychosocial Interventions for Consulting and Change (PCPICC), conducted in collaboration with Tavistock UK.  He has been an independent Consultant since 2004, and works in Applied Behavioral Science and Outdoor Development Programs for the Educational and Organizational sectors. He was an Institutional Member and Programme Director for three Summer Programmes of Aastha Foundation and, from 2015, has been Facilitator in several of Sukrut’s events, including ICC where he has been Co-Director in 2019 amd 2020. He has been Facilitator at several developmental events at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Lucknow, and is a member of Sukrut’s team that conducts an elective Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) at IIM Udaipur, since 2012. Uday has also been Staff in several GRCs conducted in PSU oil-majors, and was Associate Conference Director at TIC 2017 and TIC 2019.

Uday lives in Pune and Bangalore and can be contacted at and +91 9822069586.

Please visit Our Identities at to read more about him.

Manab Bose completed the internships with Indian Society for Individual and Social Development (ISISD) in the first batch, in 1981. During the interships, and thereafter till 1985, he underwent psychoanalysis and coaching in psychoanalytic theory under late Dr Pulin Garg in Ahmedabad.             He underwent another period of psychoanalytic immersion, from 2002 to 2005, with a psychoanalyst working and living out of UK and the Republic of Ireland. He has been associated with Sukrut since November 2008, as a practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapist and investor, with a few other professionals. He is also Adjunct Professor at IIM Udaipur, since 2012, where he teaches an Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) in the final-year, using concepts and applications from business strategy and psychotherapy. He holds a Master’s degree in English from Jadavpur University, and taught English at eminent institutions in Delhi, Nainital, Bhutan, Kolkata. His last assignment in academia was with National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad as Academic Administrator. He then joined industry and was there for 20+ years, the last 2+ years in the Group Executive Office of Tata. Earlier, he was in the top-management team of GE in the 90s, facilitating the start-up of the then 12 GE businesses in India. Prior to this, he was Director with Colgate Palmolive India for five years, and Chief Training Manager at oil-major Bharat Petroleum for another five.

Manab has facilitated teacher-development initiatives at Parikrma Humanity Foundation (PHF) since 2003 ( PHF provides mainstream English-medium K12 education to 2000+ students from the weakest socio-economic segements of society in Bangalore. He has also been working closely with Yuva Mitra, in Harsule, Sinnar Taluka, Maharashtra since 2010 ( YM is a rural-development organization that works with multiple target groups including women, youth, children, and farmers. YMs Goatry Project, his brainchild, started in 2015 with 5 villages in Sinnar Taluka to enhance income opportunities for women through Goatry, an allied activity of agriculture as a livelihood option. This project is a case-study in sustainable development from Maharashtra, mentioned by UNDP and a World Bank Group in their February 2019 report. He has published several management, leadership, and clinical papers, both nationally and internationally. His latest paper “Public Leadership in the Public Sector” was published in May 2020 by Wiley Online ( He is a member of international associations promoting organization psychodynamics and psychoanalytic practice.

Manab lives in Bangalore and can be reached at and +91 9880932293.

Swetha Rao completed the interships with ICC in 2012, is an Associate of Sukrut, and has facilitated several Sukrut events. She attended the inaugural TIC 2015 and has been Staff at Sukrut’s GRC’s. She holds a Master’s in Philosophy (Psychology) from Christ University, Bangalore with expertise in Child Development and Systems Management. She has been an apprentice in Crisis Management under senior colleagues at Sukrut, when she was Head of Education. She is currently undergoing training in Hypnosis. Swetha has the following publications to her credit:

  1. “The Study of Transformational Leadership Emergence in a Faith-based School”, co-authored and presented at the OPUS 2012, in London UK,.
  2. “Parentification in Adolescents of Parents with Alcoholism”, co-authored, presented and published in TMAIC Journal of Counselling Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2014, and
  3. “Study of Adolescence in India through a Psycho-social Lenses: A unique GRC intervention”, co-authored and presented at OPUS 2015, in London UK.

Along with Gracy, she co-founded and is Director of Unleash Schools. Swetha also heads the research and outreach initiatives of Sukrut.

Swetha lives in Bangalore can be reached at and +91 9886218450.

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