Sukrut was started in 2008 by a diverse group of professionals, with an aim of developing the potentials of an individual. The term ‘Sukrut’ is made up of two Sanskrit words “Su” which means good and “Krut” means an act. So, at Sukrut we plan activities that bring out the good in individuals and systems.

We advocate a systemic approach to diagnosing and intervening in problems. Harnessing community resources, collaborating with various other healthcare providers to develop a holistic package for each client.

The cases we undertake are supervised through group and individual supervision, hence assuring quality of work. Peer support and feedback sessions are also made use of to assure the quality of work from each individual Psychologist as well as to ensure minimization of burnout. Our therapeutic approach is eclectic, incorporating application from diverse schools of thoughts.


Psychotherapy is a primarily interpersonal treatment that is based on psychological principles and involves a trained therapist and a client who has a mental disorder, problem, or complaint; and it is adapted or individualized for the particular client and his or her disorder, problem or complaint.” (Wampold, 2001, p.3)

It is an interactive process involving the active participation of a therapist and a client, typically involving a ‘therapeutic’ relationship, tailored to the client’s needs, personality and intellectual/emotional/communicative competence to some degree.


  • We emphasise on the practice of professional ethics and transparency

  • Embracing individuality and diversity in all its dimensions by treating all with respect, dignity and understanding.

  • We consider continuous professional and personal development as two sides of the same coin.

  • Documenting the cases of our client systems, aids ones’ observation of certain themes or patterns of behaviour, which would lead to researching and understanding it better.