Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

Sukrut acknowledges that life has become complicated and one might experience the struggles of coping with everyday life stressors. At times one-on-one sessions may help to deal better. Our clinic provides you with trained professionals where you can come and discuss with complete confidentiality. The services provided include:

  • Individual counselling

One on one sessions are taken to understand the situation of the client and deal with issues of coping with the same. Enhancing problem solving, guidance and relationship management factors are taken into account by the counsellor empathetically with an aim to provide a holistic development to the client.

  • Psychotherapy

Sometimes, it is observed that we develop some behaviours which are the result of some maladaptive thoughts and unresolved emotions. Psychotherapy aims to address these issues by helping the client to identify these and understand themselves better, in turn be able to deal with the situations successfully.

  • Couple Therapy

In the current scenario, relationships get affected and there comes a time when we ourselves feel less potent to understand the toxicity that develops overtime. Seeking professional help matters. The counsellor aims to objectively understand the dynamics of a relationship and helps to surface them to the couple for them to understand and act accordingly.

  • Group Therapy

We feel more connected when we are in a group. Sukrut provides group therapy where individuals can come together and feel connected. In a group set up we can identify our own actions and objectively understand the dynamics at play, which often has a therapeutic effect.

  • Family Therapy

Sukrut provides family therapy sessions where the family comes together to deal with the issues effecting their day to day activities. Trained psychologists surface the family dynamics at play and addresses them to reach upon a resolution.

  • Neuro-rehabilitation

Sukrut has trained professionals who deal with rehabilitation process of individuals with neurological conditions. The services provide include therapy of learning disability, geriatric cognitive training, neuro rehabilitation of individuals suffering from dementia and other organic brain disorders.


Assessments are one of the main pillars of mental health services. It helps us to identify the source of the psychological factor involved. Assessments serve the function of diagnosis of the problem as well as it is used for therapeutic purposes. Some of the services provided by Sukrut are:

  • Assessment of Intelligence

Sukrut provides assessment services of intelligence for children, adolescents and adults. Intelligence assessments also include, socio adaptive assessment and skill assessment of individuals. These help to identify intellectual disability, giftedness and adaptive function deficits in individuals.

  • Assessment of Academic Assessment

Assessments of skills of academics are also conducted at Sukrut. Trained Clinical Psychologists aim to assess the difficulties related to learning and acquisition of knowledge, communication and language problems and also conditions related to developmental disorders. These assessments include diagnostic as well as therapeutic implications. Tests of Specific Learning Disability, Communication Disorder, and Any related organic brain dysfunction are conducted.

  • Assessment of Emotional Disorders in Children

It is often a matter of concern when children with emotional problems and behavioural disorders are considered. It is important to diagnose and accordingly treat the condition. Sukrut conducts assessments for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Conduct Problems, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Childhood Depression and Anxiety in Children.

  • Personality Assessment

Sukrut conducts personality tests for adults to diagnose the problem. Personality tests also involve therapeutic services or to understand the progress of therapy.

  • Neuropsychological Assessment

Sukrut also provides Neuropsychological Assessments to understand organic brain dysfunction and functional lack due to traumatic brain injury.