The Health Care System works in a co-dependent and supportive manner, enhancing the existing efficacy of the system. This provides a holistic approach to the system by looking into the emotional, personal and interpersonal parts of the individual. The system aims at offering a gamut of psychological services aimed at better understanding human behaviour and enhancing individual skills to cope and better deal with the daily stressors of life. The professional team comprises of qualified and highly experienced psychologists who have carried out many researches in the field of mental illness. The psychologists clearly hold the values of empathy and compassion. The team through its services, works on to provide insight into one’s personality and become a better person, and empowering each individual with means to overcome distress and promote mental well being and superior quality of life.


  • Is there a delay in your young one in achieving the milestones?
  • Is your child struggling to socialize?
  • Is it that your child is inattentive and runs all over the place?
  • Is your child an adolescent? Feeling confused, temperamental, locked up? ADHD, Autism, PDD, Conduct Disorder


  • Are there too many quarrels with your spouse these days?
  • You are not able to put your point, and always feel led down?
  • Do you feel depressed and lonely?
  • Do you feel discontented with your marital and sexual life?
  • Infidelity and its coping!!
  • Struggling between demands of work and commitments at home!! Infertility, Marital Distress, Infidelity


  • Do you feel lonely and sad?
  • Are you not able to avoid smoking or drinking?
  • Are you scared of closed places, public speaking, crowded areas?
  • Do you feel your performance at work is affected due to your emotional state?
  • Do you feel lost most of the time and difficulty concentrating in work? Depression, Anxiety, Phobia, OCD, Mania


  • Suffering from severe back pain, but all tests shows normal results?
  • Are you catching cold too often though taking all the precautions?
  • Your bowel system giving trouble too often!!
  • Are getting skin rashes and pimples, but don’t know why?
  • Unable to find reason for respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal disturbances!
  • Tired of frequent migraines’ and tension headaches!! Somatoform disorders

Psychological Evaluation

We also offer various psychological evaluation including disorder specific comprehensive ratings, diagnostic evaluations, personality dynamics, neuropsychological assessments and guidance evaluations.

Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

Child and Adolescent Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Behaviour Therapy, Supportive Therapy, Alcohol and Drug De-Addiction, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management, Crisis Intervention, Family Therapy, Marital Therapy.

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